Songs For The Sleepwalkers - Our rehearsed spontaneous reactions (reviews!)

These are some bits of feedback that the debut album by Songs For The Sleepwalkers has recieved so far. We hope to get more reviews, interviews or mention, as the record is still freshly released, so get in touch if you wanna support us!

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Available as a download (on donation basis from 0 to infinite) and on a fine digipak CD!)


"Un cantautore in bilico tra folk alternativo e post rock" - MTV New Generation

"this album feels very honest, heartfelt and it embeds a great number of influences” - Ultimate Guitar

"Den melankoliska stämningen i soundet kan liknas vid Sigur Rós och det hederliga singer/songwriter hör vi i gitarrplinkandet. Så, om ni gillar folk-rock eller singer/songwriter, kolla in detta!" - Kulturbloggen

 “föredömligt korta debutalbum med delikat alternativfolk” - Värmlandsfolkblad

"The promise “We could go where no one else has been” is repeated, and it’s possible that this may not only speak for object of his affections, but for Songs for the Sleep Walkers’ sunrise-bright future.” -

“the man behind Song for the Sleepwalkers, is far more than the singer-songwriter that he lets on. He’s a master at crafting otherworldly textures and each song adds a dynamic new element to the album” - Groove Sandwich

“These are tunes that feel like the audio equivalent of drawing directly from subconscious: raw, but not in a calculated way; honest, but not in a truly focused way.” - Independent Clauses

“Gli arrangiamenti sono più curati e precisi, e la voce sognante è accompagnata da svariati arpeggi di chitarra, elettrica e non, e da leggère e sinuose linee di archi” - SUB-URBE

"Among the best releases of early 2012" - Indie Rock Cafè

"Album of the week" - Nothing but hope and passion

"Our Rearshed Spontaneous Reactions" è un disco che funziona molto meglio se ascoltato tutto d’un fiato, quasi come fosse un’unica lunga canzone con vari capitoli. Gli spunti e i concetti sono interessanti"

“A lovely bit of folk-inflected post rock / prog exploration” - Born Again Nihilist

"Otto canzoni semplici ed intime"  - The Breakfast Jumpers

“7/10. Un disco con ottimi riferimenti e dimostrazione di personalità” -

"Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions" is bonding music - Beach Sloth

"Il folk distende, abbraccia, intorpidisce le ossa, fa vedere degli spiragli di luce tra rami scuri, come suggerisce la bella immagine in copertina” -

“un album  che cerca di illuminare una notte troppo buia, spostando i rami e facendo intravedere una vivida luna” - Impatto Sonoro

"dreamy guitar melodies in a minimalistic approach” - When The Music Is Over

“Simplistic and intuitive, Songs for The Sleepwalkers’ music hinges between the heartfelt and almost heartbreaking Elliot Smith and the darkness of Nick Cave” - Denouments

" Melankolisk folkpop från det innersta av Mälaren." - Skogsgospel

Songs For The Sleepwalkers is an unsigned treasure waiting to be discovered” - HisFavouriteMusic

"It is beautifully orchestrated" - Rave Magazine

"a venire voglia di chiudere gli occhi e lasciarsi trasportare dalla musica dimenticando tutto il resto" - FreakOut Magazine


"Even at this early stage of his music career, ‘Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions’ already seems like a crossroads for Caccese" - Leonard’s Lair Music Reviews

after a listen to Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions, I am both in awe of what he’s capable of, and disappointed that he didn’t live up to it nearly often enough over the course of his clipped, 23-minute debut. If you’re a fan of genres that begin with “post-,” though, pick up this album immediately, and keep your eye on Andrea and Songs for Sleepwalkers in the future. Decoy Music


"Utan att vara inne och tangera eller apa efter snuddar sånginsatsen stämningsmässigt vid så vitt skiljda referenser som Tom Waits och David Fridlund. Där finns det en snygg vibb, men det räcker tyvärr inte.” -